Sunday, June 26, 2005

Starting point?

Welcome to my weblog, a place were I will try to post my personal works , sketches, etc, from time to time. Enjoy your visit and thanks for coming!


Tsuka said...

Thank you so much for this blog ! I really love your works, Enrique ;)

Patrouchef said...

Hey, a very interesting place.

As always your draws are axcellent !

Hop, this blog in my bookmarks !

Lucinda said...

Hello !

I just wanted to tell you that I love your work, and "Le Magicien d'Oz" was wonderful ! Keep drawing !
I'm glad you opened a blog, I'll follow this carefully !

Amaury said...

hi Enrique!!

bravo for your second album, it's very nice like always.
Every time they play "our" song in the radio and I'm in a bus, I think of you, ha-ha.


Anonymous said...

Ere un monstruo!!!!!!
As always...congratulations ;)!!!!


Animaitor said...

My dear friend Enrique,

you've been an inspiration for many years and even though we haven't seen for a long time, you're always in my thoughts and my heart. Libertadores blew me away. Can't wait to put my hands on Le Magicien d'Oz. I'll keep an eye on this wonderful blog. I'm sure many great things will come out from a genius like you. Take good care. Espero verte pronto!

Gilles Aris said...
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Gilles Aris said...

Je connaissais pas tes travaux plus réalistes, et là je dis oui, c'est énergique et le noir et blanc est vraiment très bien :D. (Désolé, mon anglais n'étant pas très bon...^^)

@ Bientôt j'espère :)

Yaxin said...

vaya entintado! jope! :))))
eres muy fuerte Enrique.