Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Monkey 2

Two more color roughs (made directly on the computer) I have found about the story of the monkey on Mars.


Anonymous said...

No abandone este proyecto, maestro... es muy sugerente...

Alexuel said...

really nice:)

Claude Bordeleau said...

The monkey is amazing!

Steve99 said...

In this two works you made directly on the pc with...Painter I suppose (I use Painter IX), but for your comic page, you coloring with pc or manual?


Anonymous said...

monkey on mars promete mucho, Enrique.;)

Enrique Fernandez said...

Always Painter. No more manual painting by now.

Steve99 said...

I can request other info regard of your work?
How much time employs you in order to realize one comic color page?


Enrique Fernandez said...

It depends, but ususally for the drawing one day, and three for the colors.

Sedyas said...

Vaya blog que te está quedando! Cada ilustración que pones sorprende gratamente. Gracias por la inspiración.=)

Alva said...

Tremendas ilustraciones, amigo Enrique, tremendas.
Felicidades :)

hans bacher said...

I like your style.
the way you build the
character. and your choice
of colors
very, very interesting!

patricia metola said...

Me han gustado mucho!!

Animaitor said...

I have found... como si estas ilustraciones apareciesen por arte de mágia en el disco duro de uno. Estas hecho un CABRÓN ;)

lautrette said...

It's really refreshing to see original art like those!!

Anonymous said...

genial tu trabajo! los colores son geniales. generalmente con que pincel trabajas en painter. gracias!

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