Friday, May 22, 2009

Sketchtravel last!!

A week ago I was in Paris on a special meeting for the Sketchtravel book:

Gerald Guerlais, one of the heads starting the project;

Marc Aguesse, the man behind the matrix Catsuka;

Aurelien Predal and Mailys, the young talented artists who bring me the book;

Ben Fiquet, another all-terrain artist ,and my friend Victor Maldonado, one of the creators/directors of the Nocturna movie, also playing the role of camera man for the event. ;)

I wouldn´t like to enter in many details, but if the event was great to meet all this people, the chance of having the book in my hands was something out of this world. It´s really impressive to see the original art of all the people involved on it, and you can bet the responsability of beign the next one to do his part gives your hand a burning shake. Unfortunately I couldn´t work on the best conditions (nearly 8 in the morning, hotel room, after 10 hours of a stomach disease ...) , but it was a pleasure to do it anyway.

All my best luck fort the next artist, the amazing Juanjo Guarnido!

(and if I could tell you who will be on the next pages you wouldn´t believe me! Plenty of big names ...)


RAWLS said...

Congrats my friend! That's great news!!!

Gerald Guerlais said...

Your contribution is great. It's full of Poetry and style. And Despite the conditions metioned, your did a perfect part and you can be very proud Enrique !

mamitiana said...

amazing works!
Je reste bouche bée quand je regarde votre blog!
Un petit coucou venant de Madagascar.

www; said...

De rien monsieur Fernandez.
je vous invite aussi à visiter mon blog, vous faites un travail formidable j'approuve une grande admiration, vraiment chapeau! bien que je n'ai pas encore eu un de vos albums, je n'ai que des planches piquées sur des sites web ou sur les forums ou sur votre blog même. De temps en temps je regarde dedans pour voir ce qui y a de nouveau.
ACtuellement, un festival de Bande dessinée se déroule ici à Madagascar pendant ce mois de juin.un festival malgré l'absence de marché local.
mamitiana randrianarisoa

Catalina Alvarez said...

Que maravilla poder tener el cuaderno en tus manos y conocer personalmente a todos estos artistas maravillosos.
Un saludo desde Italia.
Cata, aprendiz de dibujante

Narender Kundra said...

>nice work,good....
>see my blog..

Anonymous said...

Your contribution is great. It's full of Poetry and style. And Despite the conditions mentioned, your did a perfect part and you can be very proud Enrique !

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Anonymous said...


kanishk said...

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thePusher said...

you are a good name! I can't wait to buy it

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