Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre-compras "BRIGADA"

For non-spanish readers: if you are interested on buying "BRIGADA", there´s a chance of doing it, shipping costs included (as the ones described on the verkami site) until APRIL 30TH.
Just mail us at "brigadacomic@gmail.com"


SalBa Combé said...

Que ganas tengo de que salga en España y poder pillarlo.
De momento lo que he visto es espectacular.
Un salludo!

Noryuken said...

I REALLY din't know HOW you can do all this AMAZING stuff, all by yourself... you're my hero!! °_°
Cannot wait to receive my copy, buahaha!
Take care Enrique!!

Bira said...

Enrique, su trabajo como Historietista es superb. Bien que Teresa Valero ha indicado su Tebeo! Me gustó muchissimo. Saludos brasileños!

XIII said...

Como podria conseguirlo aqui en Chile?

HAMEED khan said...

This things is so nice so sweet,
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