Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More old work

The first two are from the same story of the last post (the old photo). The space-monkey story, about the first mokey to arrive to Mars, and two pics of an undone story about a kid fighting the wind.


Anonymous said...

I am so Happy to discover this blog, I found of the comics :
"magician of Oz" ...
All is beautifull in this blog !!
I met you in Angouleme for the festival, and you draw a wonderfull Lion ... So thanX !!!

kness said...

Wonderful work, Enrique. Thanks for sharing all this ^^

Anonymous said...

gasp o_O
Wonderfull ! The Space Monkey Story looks great.

Animaitor said...

querido Enrique, ni se te ocurra pasarte por Tokio... tengo unos colegas Yakuza con ganas de coleccionar dedos occidentales.

ParticulateParticulars said...

Hi Enrique,
I was just looking at your blog and came across the images of the kid fighting the wind. Is this a story that you are developing? I'd be interested in hearing more about it.
Victoria Itow
Prana Studios