Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More old work

The first two are from the same story of the last post (the old photo). The space-monkey story, about the first mokey to arrive to Mars, and two pics of an undone story about a kid fighting the wind.


Anonymous said...

I am so Happy to discover this blog, I found of the comics :
"magician of Oz" ...
All is beautifull in this blog !!
I met you in Angouleme for the festival, and you draw a wonderfull Lion ... So thanX !!!

kness said...

Wonderful work, Enrique. Thanks for sharing all this ^^

Anonymous said...

gasp o_O
Wonderfull ! The Space Monkey Story looks great.

ParticulateParticulars said...

Hi Enrique,
I was just looking at your blog and came across the images of the kid fighting the wind. Is this a story that you are developing? I'd be interested in hearing more about it.
Victoria Itow
Prana Studios