Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Some roughs done just for fun ,some with characters of my work on the comic books "Libertadores" and "Magicien d´Oz".


Anonymous said...

Waw, this is great ! Beautiful sketches !
I wish there is a release of "Libertadores" in France.

Anonymous said...

I have already read the two comics books of "Le Magicien D'Oz"
It's really great !!
I have a question about the comic book "Libertadores".
Is this a project who's linking to the edition publishing "EDITIONS DELCOURT" ?
Anyway, you r a killer to me !! The second comic book of "Oz" is too MAGNIFICIENT !! Really, I mean it !
The drawings, colors, EVERYTHING IS GORGEOUS !!

I will add your weblog to my bloglist !

Yo !

Anonymous said...

Q Tintas dioxxxxxxxxxxx!!!
Mi favorito es el lobo

Alex DeLarge.

Anonymous said...

Buff, los dos tomos del Mago de Oz caen fijo. Eres un cabrón. te odio mucho. XD


Increíbles todas las ilustraciones en general. En nada me pongo con tu muñeco vudú.