Friday, October 21, 2005

Character Design

Randall Sly has made me an interview for his interesting blog, focused on knowing better the works of character designers of the animation industry. Please take a look here:


Sebhary said...

hola enrique! que pasada esta web de Character Design! hay artistas que conocia, pero no conocia todo lo que hacian!! me sorprende ver que han trabajado para disney o otros estudios de animacion! por cierto por donde vais del proyecto NOCTURNA? de paso te dejo una web que puede interresar te porque es del mismo tipo que la de los character design:
benga! continua asi llegaras lejos!

denism said...

Hi Enrique!
My name's Denis Medri, i have 26 years old and i'm an Italian Cartoonist..
I work for the French Edition "Les humanoies associès", and I'm also begin a miniserie for Marvel Comics about a teenager version of X-Men were i'm charcter designer...
I LOVE your works, really, you're AMAZING, you have a WONFDERFULL chromatic sensibility!!
I have discover your Book at the Festival of Angouleme this year, is very Gorgeous!
Unfortunable in my series I have computer colorist , but my intention is to work on the next project also like colorist,'cause I have begin like complete author and I hate the classic computer colors...
Can you explain me how you color you're pages??
here is the link of my blog if you want take a look , there's only little things :

You'll come in Angouleme for the Festival of 2006??

Enrique Fernandez said...

Hi Denis!
Thanks for your nice comments!
I use to work with Painter (I think this blog is plenty of this same answer). Try the watercolors,they seem difficult at the beggining but there´s no trouble if you practice a bit. I hope you enjoy doing it.
Great stuff you have on your site! It would be a pleasure to meet you this coming Angouleme. See you!

Sylvie Lacroix said...

He bien ,j'attends avec impatience la sortie de la bd!Les ambiances sont magnifiques...

Mr.Magoo said...

Simply amazing! You have a great fluid style!!

Anonymous said...

Where can i check more of Enrique Fernández design work?

Scotland Interior Designers

Enrique Fernandez said...

Only here! :)
There are three comic books out, "The Wizard of Oz" ,"Liberateurs" and "La Mère des Victoires".
Hope it helps, thanks for your interest.